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Cleaning Black Powder

Gunzilla eliminates using water for cleaning and oiling for lubrication and protection. The first cleaning with Gunzilla will always be the slowest because you will be getting fouling out of the gun that has never been removed before. It is possible that Gunzilla will remove so much additional fouling that the gun will have to be re-sighted. But it will shoot more accurately when it is totally clean. For the first cleaning we recommend using a brush with a patch over the top coated with Gunzilla and then apply a generous coating on the bore. Let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes and then dry patch the bore. Repeat this process waiting 2 minutes between the wet and dry patches until the patches start to come out with small amounts of fouling. Then put a generous coating of Gunzilla down the bore and let it sit overnight. Repeat the cleaning process the next day until the bore comes clean. If you get brown patches out of the bore don’t panic, this is just rust being removed from the bore and it is common during the first several cleanings with Gunzilla. Do not clean a browned barrel (Pitna) finish with Gunzilla because this is a natural rust finish and Gunzilla removes rust. Once Gunzilla is coating a clean bore the next cleanings will be much faster and you will only have to wait 1 or 2 minutes between wet and dry patches. Once the dry patches come white you are done cleaning the gun. If the gun is going to be stored for an extended period of time leave a moist coating of Gunzilla in the bore for extra protection. Several customers have told us about leaving a muzzleloader loaded for an extended period of time after they forgot to shoot the gun when they finished hunting. Then several months later they tried to fire the gun and it wouldn’t fire. When they physically tried to remove the powder and the bullet it refused to come out. In each case they simply poured some Gunzilla down the bore and let it sit. Then they turn the bore down and the bullet fell out and they were able to clean the rest of the black powder out of the gun with Gunzilla. The reason you do not need to use water when you clean with Gunzilla is because it neutralizes the corrosive salts while it is removing the fouling. Also when you wipe Gunzilla dry it will automatically leave a coating for lubrication and protection.

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