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In the summer of 2009, the California Grizzlies (a high school shooting team using AR-15ís) entered the Rattle Battle Match at Camp Perry which is considered the Super Bowl of shooting matches. Also competing in the match were the U.S. Military marksmanship teams, police teams, and professional teams from around the world. One military team had a weapon malfunction during the match but the Grizzlies weapons fired flawlessly using Gunzilla. When all the team had completed the competition the Grizzlies had done what no other amateur team had ever accomplished, they won. It was the first time in the 107 year history of the match that an amateur team had ever won the Rattle Battle. We are very proud of the accomplishments of this very talented team of shooters who best the best in the world. They are truly champions. In three years I have seen a performance improvement unlike anything we have seen in 20 years. I believe we owe a lot of our scoring improvements to Gunzilla. - Robert Taylor II, California Grizzlies Coach, March 2010

I have used your product Gunzilla several times since July. It is an excellent product and the first cleaning solution I reach for when cleaning my firearms. I also know several others on our pistol team are using it for their cleaning needs.

 - David Van Lopik, Michigan State Police Pistol Team, December 2006

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