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Gunzilla actually makes the M-16 a reliable weapon for combat - US Marine, December 2009

I have to say the stuff works! It works on every weapon system I have employed here to include the M9, M4, M249 SAW, M240B, and M2 .50 cal machine gun. We would use the Army issued CLP and after about a day of being on the truck it would be gummed up with sand and you would always pray that the thing worked if something happened on the way back to our small firebase away from the FOB. I was first introduced to Gunzilla while at Camp Perry. I deployed shortly thereafter to Iraq where I broke my M4 down and cleaned it. The old carbon that the CLP didn't remove seemed to fall right off with minimal effort. We then went out into sector and decided to do some training. Mind you, everything on my weapon was the same as my squad leaders. We both took immaculate care of our M4's but I had used Gunzilla on mine and he had used CLP. Throughout about 300 rounds, shooting both tracer and ball, he had experienced about 7-10 malfunctions. My weapon didn't miss a beat, firing every round I fed it. During one incident it was necessary that I fire my weapon on "BURST" allowing me to fire off three rounds with a single trigger pull. M4's are notorious for jamming while on BURST. In fact during a training exercise in the states, I had tried to fire my weapon on BURST but it had malfunctioned about every other squeeze. During this particular engagement I had selected to place my weapon on BURST and after two full magazines every round had fired. That's 20 trigger squeezes and 60 rounds of tracer and ball. Oh yeah, and my weapon was covered in dirt and dust from the dismounted movement through the open fields and reed lines. Not even one hiccup! During the training exercise, one of my squad leaders had asked if he could get some Gunzilla to clean his weapon. I gladly gave him some of mine and then ordered a case of Gunzilla for my entire platoon. My guys are hooked on the stuff. And when your life depends on it, that means a lot. Weather doesn't seem to bother the lube at all. Even if sand gets on the bolt, Gunzilla just shakes it right off. Carbon buildup isn't even an issue any more. My guys actually enjoy cleaning their weapons now because Gunzilla makes it so easy. Not only does this save my Soldier's time, but I'm sure it has saved their lives. They can go into sector with confidence and know that even when Iraq is at it's worst, Gunzilla is at it's best. In addition, the other two platoons in my company have asked me if they can try some with their machine guns. I couldn't say no, so I gave each platoon a large bottle. They love the stuff too! No big surprise there. So, I'll sum this up with the same way that I started it. Gunzilla just works. And it works better than anything I have ever tried. By the way, I've been shooting since I was 5 years old and I have tried everything. Nothing works this well. Thank you so much for developing this wonderful product. - US Soldier in Iraq, July 2008

I have used Gunzilla on a National Match AR-15A2 and National Match M1911A1 since 2006. Your product works. I had a stainless steel Wilson rifle barrel bore scoped after 2000+ rounds and it showed little erosion. Additionally, your product will save money as it eliminates the wear and tear caused by cleaning. The nylon GP brush is all that is required to clean the AR/M16 bolt. For parts such as the charging handle or firing pin, the carbon just wipes off. I also found that the AR-15 required less cleaning without impacting accuracy or reliability. - Officer US Marines, January 2008

Thank you for taking my order and shipping out your product to my son who is in the Army in Iraq. I just wanted to let you know and any one else who is skeptical about using your product that they can put their skepticism to rest. My son stated that he wanted me to send him some more of your product because it works!!!!!!!! He advised me that he treated his M-4 with your product and did not have one jam or malfunction while on the range in Kuwait City. He stated that his men on the line were continually having to fix jams and malfunctions due to the sand that is always blowing in the air. He bought your product at a gun show at Camp Perry when he was home on leave, from a booth that was selling it and was strongly advised by his friend to try it. Well he did and he told me that he will not use anything else but your product. I had heard the same thing from the uncle of another soldier who happens to live in our town who also deployed in Iraq. Thank You for having this product available. I hope that the government will strongly look at this product and see that it is truly better then the cleaner they are currently using. - Parent of US Soldier, October 2007

…Gunzilla is without a doubt a time saving product, but it is also a life saver as well. As a rifle squad leader with the 5th Marine Regimental Combat Team, I can tell you for certain, that no Marine in my squad who used Gunzilla ever experienced a maintenance related stoppage during a fight. Pretty soon, no Marine in the squad left the lines without having Gunzilla in their weapon. And in between missions, when other squads were up ‘till dawn cleaning weapons, my squad got some extra time to rack out. But before too long the whole platoon and company was using Gunzilla, and we started giving it to other rifle companies. Not only did Gunzilla substantially improve the accuracy of worn machine guns, but in temperamental machine guns with histories of jamming and fouling, regular Gunzilla used on ammo and bolt rails, allowed us to trust those weapons in combat. Gunzilla also extended the barrel life of two aging .50 Cal machine guns, whose throats were almost completely eroded when we were issued them. With Regular applications of Gunzilla, those weapons remained serviceable throughout the entire tour, many thousand rounds after their barrels’ projected life. I can only offer my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for those Americans, who saw the need for something better and delivered, beyond our wildest expectations of a mere solvent. Thanks. - US Marine, August 2007

The Gunzilla stuff is amazing. It works 10 times better than the CLP that we are issued. After I applied the Gunzilla to my M-16 and 9mm pistol they operated like new. It was awesome stuff, when they get dirty again, I only needed to use my weapons brush and the dirt came right off. The guys with the mounted weapons, .50 cal, 240g, etc, love the stuff as well. The great thing is that unlike CLP the weapons do not accumulate dirt as quickly. - US Soldier, June 2007

Gunzilla: Without a doubt the best weapons care product in the world. Since our squad started using it in September of 2006, we have weened nearly the entire company off of traditional CLP. It would have happened sooner, but Marine Riflemen can be very stubborn. It is the only product we use to clean and lubricate the M240G/B, the M2HB, the M249, M1014 shotgun, M16A4, M4A1, and M9. It excels in the dry dusty climate of Iraq and its dry lubricating properties are widely acclaimed. From September until the end of my career, it will be the only product I use in my weapon systems. - US Soldier in Iraq, June 2007

I can speak from many years of experience and Gunzilla is by far the most effective and most efficient gun cleaning product that I have ever used. I wish that there had been a product like Gunzilla available 35 - 36 years ago when I was in the Marine Corps. Gunzilla has the amazing quality to simply melt hard deposits of carbon into a soft slurry that quickly wipes away and leaves a protective film behind. This stuff is Amazing! If I were still in the Marine Corps today, Gunzilla is something that I would truly cherish if it were to arrive in a Care Package from home. Our men and women in uniform deserve the best and I believe Gunzilla is truly the best gun cleaning product available. - Don Schneider - Retired Marine, December 2006

Hello, I am a soldier in Iraq and I have received a case of Gunzilla from my mother in the mail. Since I have been using this product I have had no weapon jams or malfunctions. This is amazing due to the fact while in my first month of the rotation on a patrol we had to dismount and engage the enemy in close combat and I had a my bolt stick in the charged position due to sand in my weapon. When I got this product I used it just like I used the old product and it worked much better and faster. Not only does this product break up the carbon but it collects it as it runs down your weapon making it easier to get it all off. Another pro for this product is if using it with no gloves it will not break up the skin on your hand and will wash off easy. The old product left dead skin on my hand breaking it open more than it already was. I want to thank you for taking the time for making this product and perfecting it to its point of excellence.... - US Soldier in Iraq, November 2006

I just wanted to email you and let you guys know that you have a really great product. I am a soldier currently serving a tour in Iraq right now. A friend of mine gave me a bottle of your product and I have used it since he gave it to me. Since I started using it I haven't had my weapons more clean, even better then using CLP. I have also not had any weapons malfunctions at all. Thank you for coming out with such a great product. All of us over here that use it love it! - US Soldier in Iraq, November 2006

This stuff is really great. I have been using guns and cleaning them most of my life. I am a 25 year old soldier currently in the mid-east. I have been fighting with the dirt and grime and carbon problems as well as the extreme heat over here trying to maintain an operating weapon. I went so far as to not use any lubrication before going out on missions to prevent jams. Not real good for weapon maintenance or longevity. I started using Gunzilla after I received it in a care package from my family in Ohio. My dad got it from another soldier who picked it up at the National shooting matches at Camp Perry. This stuff is great my weapon cleans up so much easier and I have not had a weapon jam since I have been using it. I also like the fact that I can use it and not have to worry about it cracking my hands or being bad for me in the long run. Well going go relax for awhile and enjoy the calm. - US Soldier in Mid-East, November 2006

I was amazed at how fast this stuff worked and how little I had to scrub to get built up carbon off. I was totally blown away when my boss informed that Gunzilla is totally free of the chemicals that we are use to from our current gun cleaners like CLP. That stuff sure does tear up you skin and makes the dirt and sand gunk up your weapon. Well time to head out on patrol thanks for the cleaner and I hope we get some more soon. - US Soldier in Iraq, November 2006

This product Gunzilla is awesome, my squad has cut our weapon malfunctions by 75% since we started using Gunzilla. We have also found that it is easier to clean our weapons after each mission and only takes half the time. This product needs to find its way into the hands of every soldier over here. - US Soldier in Iraq, October 2006

I received a bottle of Gunzilla gun cleaner from a good friend of mine. He told me it would be the best cleaner I have ever used and it is non-toxic. As I am currently stationed in Iraq I am constantly struggling to keep my weapon’s clean, operating properly, and free of sand. My partner assured me that Gunzilla would do all of these things and more. I have been using it for over a month and swear it is the best product yet that I have used as a weapons cleaner and maintainer. I have found that my weapon does not jam or misfire when I need it most. I have been using Gunzilla for over a month now and my weapons have never worked better. Hope to get more soon as the couple of bottles I was sent have been making their rounds around the company. Thanks for a real great product, that in my opinion is also a life saving product. - US Soldier in Iraq, October 2006

Only have a few seconds, but that stuff (Gunzilla) works really great. Have stopped using CLP and my squad leader and the other team leaders in the squad only use that stuff (Gunzilla) now. Breaks up carbon well and seems to leave less of a film to attract dust. Works really well in barrel and star chamber.......definitely would like to get my hands on some more. - US Soldier in Iraq, August 2006

My son is a U.S. Soldier and his machine gun (5.56 mm) is the only one that shoots all day and does not jam - it is also the only one that uses Gunzilla. This weapon is noted to jam. He cleans it once a day, similar to the others who have the same weapon and use CLP. What you have is just not a better cleaner but it will save lives, something to be considered as useful as body armor. - Parent of US Soldier, August 2006

I am the firearms training specialist and armorer for a large Federal Agency. We currently have approximately 3,000+ assorted weapons assigned to this Sector. In this part of the country, we have quite a lot of blowing dust and sand with extreme heat. For us to find a firearm cleaner and lubricant that does not attract and "trap" the sand onto or within our weapons, is an achievement. I have been using your product in large quantities since February of this year and I am amazed at how much cleaner our weapons are now. We have test fired over 1,000 rounds of ammunition through various weapons using Gunzilla, without having any problems. The guns fired flawlessly and remained relatively clean. After the firings, I disassembled the weapons, semi-auto pistols, 12 gauge shotguns, and M-4 rifles to see how the cleaner performed. The weapons showed no unusual or excessive wear and they cleaned up easier and quicker than with other CLP types. I retired from the Air Force where I served 21 years working on aircraft weapons and gun systems, as well as assorted small arms and explosives, where I used thousands of new or different type cleaners/lubricants trying to find one that eased our workload. I have never used any product that kept weapons as clean or as well lubricated as this new "Gunzilla" CLP. Another great quality of this product is how "easy" it is on your hands. We use gun cleaners at our firing ranges where many times we don't have access to a place where we can clean-up after cleaning the guns. Gunzilla is very mild on your skin and doesn't contain any harsh chemicals that burn or dry-out your skin. The scent of Gunzilla isn't like other cleaners that are petroleum based. I have recommended this product to other law enforcement agencies also. Many agencies do not know of the product, and if they have firearms, then they need to use this Gunzilla. - Joe Todd - Retired Air Force, June 2006

I was formerly in the Navy in which I performed maintenance on 5 inch guns and small arms. In my opinion this product is better than anything that we used and or currently using on our weapons here at the CSMS. - Sgt. Jason G Hyder - Armament Section, CSMS, April 2005

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