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I'd been a Hoppe's 9 user for 50 years, and as we were leaving for this year's IRC last Wednesday I needed to take a cleaning kit since we'd rushed off the practice range and straight to the match. We were staying at a friendís house during the match and I didn't want to take Hoppe's because of the odor, so I threw in the untried bottle of Gunzilla I won last year and headed for the coast. When we got there my wife and I cleaned our revolvers on our friend's kitchen table and I was blown away. Not only did it clean better, faster, and easier than Hoppe's but I didn't have to do any lubrication after cleaning. My cylinder has never spun more smoothly. And, NO SMELL!!! NONE!!! I told everyone who would listen that Gunzilla is the best cleaner lubricant I've ever tried or heard of. A TRUE cleaner/lubricant.Ē - Bob Engellenner, June 2008

I just came back from annual qualification at the gun range. I have never had an easier time of cleaning my pistol. Gunzilla works great! - Dennis Kunau, Texas, June 2006

I purchased a bottle of Gunzilla at the Tulsa Gun Show and have used it now three times after shooting rounds of skeet. It cleans and lubricates as advertised and is much better for human touch and for the environment. Congratulations on your product. I intend to continue using it. - Andrew Dearman, April 2006

I bought a bottle of Gunzilla from you at the gun show Sunday, at the State Fair Grounds. I am 100% satisfied with your product. I used it on a gun I had already cleaned with Hoppe's cleaner I thought was clean. To my amazement, it removed more powder deposits. It does not have a bad odor, it does not enter my skin when I got it on my hands. I will continue to use Gunzilla cleaning products exclusively. - Joe Gagliardi, April 2006

I am to the point that I am not even willing to use any other type of cleaner after using your product. You have created a truly outstanding product. - Bob Coval, March 2006

This product has the cleaning power Iíve been seeking for a long time. I cleaned my muzzleloader with exactly four patches. The fourth patch didnít show a bit of gun powder residue. One week later I ran another patch and it was still clean. - Doug Rohrer, March 2006

...Gunzillaís first trip to our muzzleloader deer camp in Michiganís Upper Peninsula was a hit. The product worked great for cleaning black powder and Pyrodex and even removed a stubborn powder ring that conventional cleaners and bore brushes could not. I now use Gunzilla on all my firearms due to its effectiveness, non-harmful ingredients and easy clean up. - Doug Erickson - retired wildlife management agency, December 2005

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