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TopDuck Products, LLC was founded by Don Kettles, who spent most of his early career as a principal in a company manufacturing and selling FAA certificated aircraft. Building airplanes educates one about safety issues because there is no alternative to safety when building an aircraft. Don was stunned seven years ago when a US Soldier came home complaining about the hazardous chemicals the military required him to use to clean his weapon with no protection, no MSDS sheet and no education regarding the dangers of using the CLP without proper protection. The warning on the MSDS sheet for the military approved CLP issued stated “…direct contact on skin can result in liver/kidney damage.”

While Don was researching the hazardous chemical issue he learned from a combat unit about the weapon malfunctions in combat caused by sand, dust, carbon and cold temperatures.  It didn't make any sense that a country who put a man on the moon can't provide our combat forces with a safe and effective weapons cleaner.  Kettles then decided to launch TopDuck Products, LLC with the goal of bringing safer and more effective products to our military, law enforcement and to sportsmen.

Gunzilla has been so effective in combat that two (UUNS) Urgent Universal Needs Statements have been issued by commanders in combat. “The UUNS is a request for a capability that, if not filled, places the accomplishment of the unit’s mission in jeopardy or unduly increases the risk of casualties.” A quote from combat, “when Iraq is at its worst, Gunzilla is at its best.”

It is very rewarding after all these years to read the testimonials and realize a small group of talented and dedicated people can make a positive impact on the lives of many people.

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