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The majority (90%) of our Gunzilla customers will only need to use Gunzilla to clean, lubricate and protect their weapons. However if you shoot solid copper bullets in a long range rifle, lead slugs in a shotgun or found Gunzilla to work slower than you wanted, we would recommend you use Copperzilla along with Gunzilla. For best results use Copperzilla in temperatures above 70 degrees. Apply Copperzilla to a nylon/plastic brush or a patch and coat the bore of gun. Let it sit for 30 minutes and run a dry patch down the bore. The dry patch will come out light brown or blue/green in color. If there still appears to be copper or lead in the barrel apply Copperzilla again and let it sit for a longer period. Once the copper and lead is removed perform a normal cleaning with Gunzilla BC-10. Copperzilla is safe to use on steel, stainless steel and chrome bores only. Do not allow product to be absorbed into wood, safe on most plastic surfaces and safe on Polymer receivers of pistols. Avoid prolong contact with aluminum receivers and nickel plated firearms.

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