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Additional Details about Gunzilla

Superior Cleaner
Gunzilla removes carbon, copper, lead, rust, black powder and plastic particles left from shotgun sabots/wads. It also neutralizes and cleans the residue left by corrosive primers. In black powder guns Gunzilla eliminates using water to clean and oil to lubricate.

Most cleaners simply soften carbon, but the residue still must be scraped or scrubbed off a weapon. Gunzilla’s unique formula breaks the bonds of the carbon molecules and turns them into a sludge-like liquid. Gunzilla can be left on any metal part for an indefinite period of time without any harmful effects. It cleans, lubricates and protects, yet unlike formulas containing acids or ammonia Gunzilla does not etch or harm metal surfaces. Gunzilla is also safe for use on the polymers found in the frame of a Glock.™ Gunzilla can be used to clean wood and plastic stocks; simply wipe them completely dry after cleaning. The speed and ease of cleaning with Gunzilla becomes more apparent in the most harsh of environments. Combat units who use Gunzilla have reported getting more sleep when they return from missions since their weapons can be cleaned much quicker.
Superior Lubricant
The lubricant in Gunzilla is more slippery than most gun oils and petroleum based lubricants. Since it is non-ionic, Gunzilla does not attract or retain sand, dust, dirt or other debris which can interfere with good lubrication. Gunzilla is used as a dry lubricant in the desert and is left moist in temperate or wet climates. The dry lubricated coating left by Gunzilla after it is wiped off the action parts is one reason why weapons lubed with Gunzilla have greatly reduced weapon malfunctions in the Iraq and Afghanistan environments.

To prove Gunzilla’s superior lubrication during a field test a Marine Sergeant ran a test using a Colt™ M-16A2 rifle. He first cleaned the weapon with military CLP and measured the temperature of the action. He then fired at the cyclic rate and measured the temperature rise in the action. This procedure was then followed using only Gunzilla on the same weapon resulting in a 53°F cooler action than when the weapon was cleaned and lubricated with military CLP. The lower temperature is the result of less friction which means less wear, higher reliability, better accuracy and longer weapon life. The Sergeant’s Marine unit benefitted from these while fighting in Fallujah, Iraq.
Superior Rust Protection
Gunzilla automatically removes rust while it is cleaning. Once the weapon is cleaned and wiped dry Gunzilla leaves a dry coating for lubrication and protection. Most gun cleaners do not remove rust, so when oil is applied to protect against rust, the rust is simply covered up and slowed down but it’s still adhered to the metal. When you wipe down your weapon with Gunzilla there is no rust left between the protective coating and the metal. This provides the weapon with superior rust protection because the protective coating must be removed before the rusting process can start
Superior Accuracy
Many of the top shooters in the world shooting everything from handguns and automatic weapons to muzzle loaders have told us they have scored the highest score in their history shooting with Gunzilla. One shooter told us he won his club championship for the first time in his life. He claimed in the middle of his match he doesn’t get flyers when he uses Gunzilla. This is the result of Gunzilla cleaning the bore more thoroughly and leaving a coating that doesn’t allow the bore to foul as quickly. The slick coating left by Gunzilla also helps the bore foul evenly so a bullet doesn’t hit a slug of carbon left by a previous bullet. Gunzilla helps superior shooters become champions.
Gunzilla Saves Money and LIVES
Gunzilla only uses ˝ of the liquid because it doesn’t evaporate, cleans quicker, requires fewer patches, and in a single product cleans, lubricates, and protects. The superior lubrication of Gunzilla has also dramatically increased the life of automatic weapons in combat. Another area of savings comes from removing all the hazmat charges for shipping, storing, and disposal. In addition, by removing human exposure to these hazardous chemicals, Gunzilla is removing potential long term health issues associated with many gun cleaners. Most users don’t realize the hazardous chemicals in some gun cleaners get absorbed into the bloodstream through breathing fumes or through skin contact. Once in the bloodstream these chemicals can be absorbed by the liver, kidneys or bone marrow and can remain there for the rest of a person’s life. Some of these chemicals are known to affect the liver, kidneys and bone marrow. The biggest savings of all comes from the improved weapon reliability in combat, which is credited with bringing more Americans home alive. Gunzilla saves lives!
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